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Raising Aspirations Creating Opportunities

The Peru Mission has excellent on-the-ground links built up over many years which enable us to be made aware of needs and respond accordingly. We work with local people to address issues of poverty in their communities, whether rural or urban,  We also encourage Peruvian businesses and organizations as well as churches and charities to work together to bring about better living conditions and to enable people to have better opportunities and higher aspirations.

The Peru Mission works with all people of goodwill to achieve greater equality, fairness, harmony and justice in Pervian society.  

We are very proud to be able to say that all funds donated are spent on the realization of our projects amongst the poor of Peru.

The Charity's Trustees, Treasurer and Secretary are drawn from the worlds of faith, education, healthcare, finance, charities' law and safeguarding and are all volunteers who give of their time and know-how to effectively and prudently oversee the Charity's activities and to ensure that the Charity is true to its aims and objectives.

You can donate to the work of The Peru Mission.

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The Peru Mission relies exclusively on its funding stream from donations by our supporters. You too can donate to the work of The Peru Mission.

Our friends and supporters are individuals, families, businesses, schools and parishes who commit to assisting our projects amongst the disadvantaged poor of Peru, people who live in remote places and who are often forgotten by government agencies and ministries so do not receive education or healthcare and not reached by many other charities and NGOs.

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