The Peru Mission is a Registered Charity No. 1145812


The barrio of Bellavista, Nanay has a population of 15,000 people. Many young people have not finished their secondary

Skill Training Centre

education and some get involved in gang violence, alcohol or drug abuse, or become parents at a very early age (sometimes as young as fifteen).

The Peru Mission hopes to open a skill training centre teaching courses in carpentry, sewing, soldering, computing skills, health and beauty care, motorcycle maintenance, outboard motor maintenance, languages, music and art to give these young people a sense of purpose, raise their aspirations and increase their chances of employment or of gaining a living wage.

Additional talks will be given on human development, healthcare, diet and nutrition, budget management, relationships, anti-racism, domestic violence, gender equality and other issues to help these young people pick up some life skills. If you could help us make this project a reality please click below.

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